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The Wealthy Have A Secret

“The savviest investors I know invest their capital in private real estate offerings.

I started Burns Capital as a way to give technology employees the ability to invest in top-notch real estate deals, without taking them away from their careers.”

Tom “TJ” Burns

Founder, Burns Capital Partners

As Technology Professionals, we innovate and are paid well for doing so. But the grind required to get our jobs done isn’t always sustainable. How do we best set ourselves up to work because we want to, and not because we have to?

The Standard Approach

Trading Time for Money


  • Work hard to engineer for your company
  • Are compensated in RSUs or stock options
  • Feel overexposed in the stock market
  • Would like to generate passive income from your equity
  • Don’t want to actively become a landlord
The Burns Capital Approach

Enjoy the fruits of your labor


  • Have a clear path to financial freedom
  • Are well equipped to diversify your assets
  • Collect passive income every month or quarter
  • Enjoy the benefits of direct real estate ownership
  • Spend your time doing what you want to do

What Is A Real Estate Syndication?

This describes the most common partnership in buying commercial real estate.

A syndication allows a group of individual investors to pool their capital and buy larger and more valuable properties than each person could afford individually. A syndication typically includes limited partners, who contribute capital in exchange for ownership, low liability, and passivity, and general partners, who manage the deal in exchange for a share of the profits. The majority of commercial real estate in the US is purchased through syndications  

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Our Portfolio

Thoreau Way, Southern NH

12 units
10.2% projected cash on cash return
20.5%+ projected IRR
Sold February 2023

Bear Creek,

Bartow FL

48 units
11.8% projected cash on cash return
20.1%+ projected IRR

Tom Watson,

Lakeland FL

16 units
Sold October 2022
72% IRR
18-month hold period

Short-Term Rental Portfolio

81 Luxury short term rentals
Average projected cash on cash return: 10.5%
Projected IRR: 17%


 45 units
9.50% projected cash on cash     return
16.0% projected IRR